About Us

Colorado Caramel Company's Evolution

Colorado Caramel Company was founded in 2020 by a long-time resident of the Vail Valley. Ann Marie Chadwell has been living, working and playing in the valley since 2002 and in her spare time she has been mastering the art of high-altitude candy making.

Meticulously experimenting, tweaking, and perfecting her products, she’s been making caramels for as long as she can remember. ‟I love creating  from scratch and using premium ingredients to produce the best overall flavor and consistency.”

After years of compliments and the inspiration Ann Marie received from so many, she decided 2020 was a good time to take her passion for caramels and start a business.

Some manufactures may cut costs by using artificial flavors, additives, flavorless-waxy chocolate and cheaper high-fructose corn syrups. That's not how we do it here! We are a small batch bakery and everything is made fresh on a daily basis. Nothing artificial is ever added to our products. We procure only the finest of chocolates, use only natural flavorings and our products never contain high-fructose corn syrups. This attention to quality produces a superior product and flavor that is undeniably good.

Ann Marie is always experimenting and will be adding new products from time to time to the website so remember to check back often.

The world can be a sweeter place... Be kind, share a caramel.
Colorado Caramel Company.