• Caramels with Altitude

  • Hand-crafted at 8150' above sea level
  • Marshmallows

  • Better by hand
  • Small batches = Simply delicious

Caramels with Altitude

Hand-crafted at 8150' above sea level Get Some


Better by hand Get Some

Small batches = Simply delicious

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Colorado Caramel Company keeps it simple and pure

Our caramels are hand crafted in small batches using copper pots; made with natural flavorings and ingredients; and cut and wrapped by hand. Nothing artificial goes into our products whatsoever and you'll taste the difference!

We don't use anything pre-made, canned or processed in the making of our products. While this ultimately takes more time and effort, we firmly believe the results are more pleasing to the palate and utterly satisfying for the soul.

This is not your ordinary caramel.

The world can be a sweeter place. Be kind....share a caramel

Colorado Caramel Company Delights

Individually Wrapped Caramels - Colorado Caramel Company

Individually Wrapped Caramels

Individually wrapped to take on the go. These make an easy candy bowl addition for home, office or boardroom. Pocket a few when you hit the slopes, trails or rivers to have on hand for a little pick me up. Great for sharing.

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Artisan Chocolates, hand crafted, salted caramel

Artisan Chocolates

Dark and milk chocolate shells filled with luscious caramel and sea salt. Each one meticulously crafted by hand with a creative flare. Perfect for gifting, dinner party desserts or as a special treat to yourself because...well, you deserve it!

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Chocolate Dipped Caramels

Five of our famous original flavored caramels, cut into squares, dipped in dark or milk chocolate and neatly packaged to share or give as a gift. These little treasures are sure to delight! Topped with toasted hazelnuts, sea salt or a mix of both take our chocolate covered caramels to a whole new level!

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Hand-Crafted Marshmallow's - Colorado Caramel Company

Hand-Crafted Marshmallow's

Fluffy and light. There is no comparison to our homemade marshmallows. Once you've tried them, you will never want store-bought again. With so many uses for these airy pillows of yummy goodness, the possibilities are endless. Try them in S'mores, Hot chocolate, sweet potato pie, ice cream sundaes or brownies for starters. Just use your imagination!

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Slated Caramel Cheesecake

Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or simply craving a moment of indulgence, our salted caramel cheesecake promises to satisfy your sweetest desires and leave you craving more. Treat yourself to a slice of luxury and experience the magic of our unforgettable caramel cheesecake today

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Can't Decide What Flavor to Try?

Get a Combo Pack

These caramels were a hit at our wedding!! Our guests are still talking about them a year later!

Noelle J.

I have had the caramels and they are the best I have ever had, the marshmallows are to die for, very good.

Lynda B.

Cinnamon is my new favorite flavor from Colorado Caramel Company. These are like the best parts of a gooey caramel cinnamon roll without the roll!

C. Cole

These are delicious! I purchase the combo packs and other mixes of treats from Colorado Caramel Company as thank you gifts for my own customers during the Holidays. Nothing but rave reviews from them!

Mike, Avanti Audio